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Vashikaran Fraud

Awareness is always the first step to change.

In present times the society is been flooded by people who claim to be miracle worker, but end up being janitors. In the field of Tantra and Oriental turf too, there is no end to these clowns. Countless tantra websites that you spot on the internet are not run by professionals, but scammers based in Asian region. Based on the feedback of several people below are some of the websites listed which are deceiving innocent people.

Please also be informed that these Fraud people who advertise on the classified website function with one aim i.e. to make money & not genuinely help people. These charlatans prey innocent people in the name of Vashikaran and Tantra. Vashikaran originated in India and the sad part is- in present time’s highest number of Scammers flourish in India and the other Asian regions.Some of our clients have brought to our notice that there are several Scam and Fraud websites that have deliberately copied our contents and pose to be our Representatives. As a responsible body it is our duty to expose such culprits who vandalize the ancient art of Vashikaran. Please do not indulge with any such culprit, to obtain more information on our locations please call us on our Toll Free Desk – 1-866-699-2469. Our Tantra Counselors will be glad to assist you.

This is Not a Surprise -

You must be attentive that several Fake websites will sell you cheap products & afterward insist on further payments to "make the Vashikaran spell work". Some culprits are charging hundreds of dollars. Divine Solutions Worldwide (Vashikaran.Org) by no means does that. Unfortunately, the online world has attracted such unethical creatures as well. These people flourish as there as there are no fix criteria to distinguish or categorize between real and unreal. Its only your awareness that can help you. In the interest of our clients and other innocent people we have exposed the list of culprits.

The website who has copied our content -

So the question is, how can you know if a website is genuine?

Tips to Safeguard yourself -

The first warning signal of such people is that they will be looking for opportunities to sell anything for any cheapest amount as their prime motive is to exploit your pockets.

Whenever you are looking for a genuine help, try to see if they have appropriate details mentioned. Also try to establish communication with them before rushing to the shopping cart. Wait for their response, this will allow you to gauge their potential. Also make sure they know what they're talking about, and look for properly written pages and articles without grammatical errors.

Ask these Questions before you proceed -

Q. Does their website look like cluttered junk?

If someone’s webpage seems to be made up of messy colors, poor content and/or copied content never contact them. This is a cheap method prepared by someone who is trying to scam you in the name of Vashikaran or Love Spells etc. These individuals will craft countless websites with half their energy of doing a good job and then pretend to be several different people.

Q. Are the CONTACT details mentioned?

Do not contact some one who has no contact details on the website or operates through a Mobile phone. Statistics indicate that that highest number of these culprits are based in Asia.

Q. Do they pay to appear on search engines?

Do not initiate contact with the ones who advertise (sponsor themselves) or display their website.

Q. Stay away from Classified Websites.

Do not initiate contact with the Frauds & Scammers who advertise on Classified Website or Public Forums as they are always eager to cheat innocet people.

Q. How to be avoid Free Hosting websites?

Never contact someone whose website is hosted on free websites or classified webpages. It is to be noted that these people don’t even have enough funds to host their website on a paid hosting service. This disgraceful act itself says a lot about their credentials.

For God sake dont fall under a trap of anyone who claims to perform Vashikaran in 24 or 48 hours. Please employ you intellect before you proceed.

Always ask for a details explanation on the rituals. Should you have any other questions relating to Vashikaran or Love spells – please feel free to contact us. Now, you have the knowledge to make good choice. Remember any Tantric or a Spell caster or Psychic is not God.


Issued in Public Interest by -
Divine Solutions Worldwide (Vashikaran.Org)







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Our team comprise of learned Vedic Pandits and Tantrics, who master the science of Vashikaran. In the era of complex relationship, infidelity and divorce we need a solution to form stronger and more lasting bonds of love. We firmly believe that Vashikaran holds the Key to matters of Relationships and Love, if it is employed prudently. For more details you can call us on our Toll free Number - 1-866-699-2469 (USA and Canada) from Monday to Friday.



Client Testimonials

The Kamadeva Sammohan Rosary ritual has worked in boosting my attraction, I am more confident, I've been receiving alot more attention from others. My thinking has been much more positive.


Hello Dear Kirti

Kirti, let me share with you some of my changes for the better in my private life. I am grateful for your advices and for your help. I want you to give my regards to the priest who has prescribed me to do these steps ( ritual procedure). Now I am in a relations with the person whom I like very much and who loves me.

Kirti, I am sorry for my mistakes in English, I just want to say that my heart is full of gladdness  and gratitude.


Every time i wear the amulet around my neck the whole day good things happen and overall i see more positive things happening around me.


I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and the yantra is amazing and it is working!!!! I seem to be attracting all the right opportunities not the modelling one as of yet but i feel that coming along slowly but at my current work the popularity is SOARING SKY HIGH!!! and I'm looking better and healthier by the day!! thank you ever soo much!!!

thank you for your help once again god bless you and keep up the good honest work :)


I was very happy that our relation is improving and we are getting better understanding of each other.

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