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Vashikaran Mala - Siddh Akarshan Mala - Sammohan Mala - Mohini Mala

Energised Vashikaran Rosary -  Akarshan Rosary - Sammohan Rosary

Do You Want To Attract More Love?
Do You Desire To Create an Irresistible Attraction within you?

Love String symbolizes attraction and enticing magnetism. It is devised from a substance with high vibration energy. This special rosary heightens attraction and stimulates an irresistible appeal in the wearer. It helps to attract the desired person. For ones who have been hurt in love, this rosary acts as a boon. It releases the blockages, shrinks heartache and emotional pain.

Healers and Mystics have collectively acknowledged the power of Love String. This energized rosary is known for improving love and enhancing the Relationship at all levels. Our present clients have witnessed immense benefits from wearing this energized rosary. From Reiki practitioner to spell caster, from healers to psychics encourage its usage. In the psychic and spiritual realms, this tool is extensively used to attract lover.

What makes this Rosary Unique?

Love String is an exclusive rosary, as it is devised and energized with combination of Vashikaran and Sammohan mantra chants. Further this rosary is customized with the amalgamation of tantric rituals and attraction mantra. Love string is formulated with rare mantras which act as an attraction accelerator. The moment you wear this sanctified mala it creates an aura of attraction. It promotes receptivity to beauty of all forms. It draws off negative energy and replaces with loving vibes. Love string is formulated with rare mantras which act as an attraction booster.

Benefits of Energized Love String Rosary -

  • The rosary encourages love and harmony between couples.
  • Love string consistently surges vibration of love for the owner.
  • Bestows inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms.
  • Love string helps to patch the relationship hurt in love.
  • Overall wearing this rosary generates receptive energy of love and bonding.
  • Customized Love String


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