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Shakti- The Magical Mantras of Power...

Shakti Vashikaran Mantra

Mankind has worshiped great feminine archetypes for as long as they have pursued a mystical relationship with life and the universe. If your connection with the Goddess is weak then your relationships suffer, you are unable to attract a desired mate and married life becomes a challenge. There are ways to connect with these comic forces and one of the safest form is through the Power of Shakti Mantras.

To add to the celebration of Navratri (9 sacred nights devoted to Goddess) we bring you series a of Sacred Mantras dedicated to the Goddesses. Shakti is designed to help you Amplify Attraction, Attract New Love, Boost Harmony and most importantly resolve issues in relationships. The mantras contained in this audio do not demand rigid rituals or strict regulations. The proven mantras are aimed to improve each area of your life. The details on mantras are mentioned below -

  • Durga Shakti Vashikaran Mantra

The sacred name Durga itself annihilates all worries and anxieties. Goddess Durga possess the power to bestow you with the Charm, Eloquence and Grace with the potent "Shakti Vashikaran Mantra".

  • Rati Mohan Mantra

Rati the epitome of Beauty and Lust and is always eager to bless you with a Magnetic Persona. Reciting this mantra grants you the power to attract others towards you. How important can this Power be to you?

  • Mohini Siddhi Mantra

One of the most magnificent and enchanting form of Lord Vishnu is Mohini. Words fall short to describe the power of this mantra. This mantra does one thing that is - "Attracts Others Towards You". Our clients have witnessed immense benefits by reciting this mantra.

  • Matangi Vashikaran Mantra

Matangi confers Attraction, Magnetism and Mesmerizing Power of Speech. She is the deity of the spoken word, articulation including all forms of art and persuasiveness. So if you belong to the field of Acting, Media, Dance and Music the benediction of Goddess Matangi is a must.

  • Parvati Prem Vraddhi Mantra

The Parvati mantra helps you heal your existing relationship and infuse Trust and Harmony in your life. Reciting this mantra opens the gateways to better relationships and the power to attract that special person.

  • Kameshwari Shakti Mantra

Kameshwari the Goddess of Lust magnifies your emotional and physical strength so others will admire and respect you. It confers you positive energy to pull others towards you.

  • Parashakti Mohini Mantra

Parashakti is the direct source Feminine energies. The mantra is meant to Enchant and develop Hypnotic qualities within you. As you listen and recite the mantra you cast a Spell over yourself, which makes you desirable to anyone.

  • Gayatri Vashikaran Mantra

There is also a Tantric side to Goddess Gayatri and with Gayatri Vashikaran Mantra you can attract the desired person. Make sure you use it positively.

  • Radha Mohan Mantra

How would you feel if you could awake each day full of energy, beaming with confidence and ready to take on the world? Radha Mohan Mantra makes you feel attractive, filled with strength and confidence.

All the 9 mantras are elaborately discussed along with the guidance instructions provided in the eManual.

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Shakti - Sacred Mantras of Power

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