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Lakshmi Sammohan Yantra - Lakshmi Beej Mantra - Lakshmi Tantra -
Makalakshmi Sammohan Yantra

 लक्ष्मी यन्त्र - श्रीलक्ष्मी
- लक्ष्मी यन्त्र- लक्ष्मी मन्त्र -  - Lakshmi Mantra Hindi - श्रीं Beej Mantra

Lakshmi Akarshini Kit

Energized Lakshmi Akarshini Kit

Lakshmi Akarshini Kit The Tantric Way to Command Wealth

The word "Lakshmi" personifies wealth, riches, beauty, grace, charm, splendour, and lustre. The Goddess bestows success and good fortune. In the Vedic and Tantric Scriptures there are countless mantras and rituals to please the Goddess. However in present times many ritual performance procedures are shrouded & many mantras simply don’t bestow the desired results in Kalyuga, as they are cursed by Lord Siva.

We have extracted one such ritual from our Head Priest in Kerala named “Lakshmi Akarshini Ritual” (Also known as Lakshmi Sammohan Siddhi). The ritual finds its origin in the "Ravana Tantra". Very few know that Ravana was great Tantric and an eminent Astrologer. He learned esoteric arts from his grandfather at a young age. Lakshmi Akarshini Ritual is one such ritual that King Ravana performed to compel Goddess Lakshmi to grant Him Wealth. Ravana Tantra is almost shrouded in the realm of secrecy, but there are handful of priests in South India & Sri-Lanka who precisely know the procedure to invoke Goddess Lakshmi and control her.

When it comes to attracting Wealth, Fame & Prosperity there is nothing more powerful than The Lakshmi Akarshini Yantra. When the Yantra is placed, after being Consecrated, Customized and Mantra energised there can never be any paucity of material prosperity. The Yantra gravitates wealth from all the directions.

 What makes Lakshmi Akarshini Ritual Unique?

This Ritual is not about delighting the Deity, it’s about deserving wealth. In this ritual you don't beg in front of the Gods to bestow you with prosperity, in fact you through the power of the Yantra command the forces of universe to make you Wealthy. There are many rituals to gratify Goddess Lakshmi, but this is the only ritual aimed at Commanding the Goddess of wealth to bestow you with overall prosperity. Initiations are made and goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) is invoked in the Tantric way.

 The Lakshmi Sammohan Kit includes -

  • Customized and Energized Lakshmi Sammohan Yantra.
  • Dhan Akarshan Rosary infused with Lakshmi Akarshini Mantra.
  • Customized Guidance eManual.
  • Lakshmi Akarshini Mantra Audio.
  • Energized Lakshmi Akarshini Amulet.
  • Email Support & Telephonic Assistance from Monday to Friday.
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